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AI tools for sales

We keep a list with all the tools that are true and tested by us and curated by me (Alina) . Have a suggestion? Shoot me a DM on Linkedin


It's a Revenue Intelligence platform

Gong does so many amazing things: from call intelligence to smart prospecting

Gong's conversation intelligence feature transcribes and analyzes conversations between sales reps and customer. This helps sales teams understand what works and what doesn't, and allows them to improve their sales strategy based on data. Second, Gong's AI feature analyzes sentiment, so sales teams can understand how customers feel about the conversation, and can adjust their approach accordingly. Lastly, Gong's AI provides real-time coaching tips to sales reps during conversations, which helps them improve in the moment.

Their newer product, customers gives reps AI-powered recommendations for contacts based on win/loss data and guides through email playbooks based on previous conversations


To help with sales email coaching

Lavender is loved by all sales reps because it feels like a personal assistant. It helps you grade your cold emails, with suggestions to make them better. This, in turn, helps reps get more positive replies.


For optimizing website to generate revenue

Telescope is like a Tinder for prospecting.


For voice transcription on the run!

You can use Oasis to help create content when you’re on a rush.

No further explanations, you need to try!


Replayz hasn't launched yet but there's enough buzz about it already that you know it's going to be a big deal soon. It coaches on discovery calls at scale better than any human already. Yikes

A newer entrant in this space wants to automate the SDR function altogether. They are still at their beginning so it's still to be perfected but adding here because they do a lot of the pre-automation of the reach-out very well

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